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Senior Psychotherapist Job
Full time
Salary: 35,000.00 - 38,000.00  per year

Koia is a wellness destination based in west London. We use mindfulness-based Psychotherapy as part of a holistic approach to improving mental and physical wellbeing, often in combination with other therapies and practices, such as Structural Integration/Rolfing, Yoga, or mindfulness meditation.

We have an opening for a Core Process Psychotherapist to join our team on a permanent, full-time basis.


  • Evaluate people suffering from stress, emotional problems, and mental illness, and determine whether they might benefit from psychotherapy.

  • If appropriate, determine what the treatment goals should be, and design and carry out a suitable treatment plan.

  • Create, review and update client records containing all relevant details of the therapy.

  • Present and explain the nature and benefits of Psychotherapy to an internal audience of other therapists, as well to an external audience.


We require a formal postgraduate qualification in Core Process Psychotherapy (Masters level preferred), as well as professional certification or experience in at least one of the following areas:
  • Structural Integration/Rolfing
  • Art Therapy
  • Sports Psychology
  • Yoga / Meditation
  • Pain Therapy

Employer Details:
Koia Ltd
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