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Reporter Job
Full time

Date opened: December 20, 2017

Title: Reporter

Location: London

Salary: £40,000-£50,000 + benefits

Application deadline: January 19, 2018

Job Description:

Quartz seeks a reporter to cover global health, science and energy. You would be part of the growing Quartz team, and help shape our efforts to take bracingly creative approaches to covering the relationship between humans and the world we live in.  

The job will entail tracking and untangling the latest developments across the sciences, and contributing to the biggest conversations ongoing in these fields. One major area of focus will be the forces currently being brought to bear on the global energy industry—science, technological advances, regulation, and climate change. But the position will also involve covering the environment, and topics like genetics, physics, and space.

The successful candidate will demonstrate an understanding of fundamental science, preferably with a higher degree in the discipline. They must be comfortable with and able to write clearly on subjects ranging from gene-editing technologies and novel medicines to Antarctic ice melt and deforestation, from gravitational waves and particle accelerators to the effects of sleep and exercise on the human body.

The science reporter will have the opportunity to write pieces of varied lengths and time sensitivity. He or she should be able to conceptualize and write stories quickly as a blogger might, and should expect to be part of a team that works in the flow of news. The science reporter should also have experience doing deep, ambitious reporting to a high standard of excellence.

This reporter should also be excited about using innovative approaches to conveying information, and feel comfortable with using formats other than 700-word articles (such as shorter pieces, photos and charts) when they’re better for efficiently and effectively communicating a story.

This reporter will be held to high standards of journalism and intellectual creativity. They will be capable of representing Quartz at public events, and as a commentator on television and radio. An obsession with news, a global worldview, and a strong interest in digital editorial innovation are all core requirements.

Qualities of the ideal candidate:

  • 5+ years reporting/blogging experience that has generated a portfolio of agenda-setting coverage, including scoops, deeply reported stories, analytical pieces, profiles and Q&As

  • International experience

  • Be fluent in at least one language other than English

  • Demonstrable source list relevant to this role’s areas of inquiry

  • Facility with data and data analysis in reporting

  • Deep interest in coverage of global business, science, and technology

  • An ability to write cleanly and quickly, and at volume

  • Digital reporting, editing, publishing, and social media experience

  • Excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task and prioritize, strong attention to detail

In addition, we are looking for a candidate with:

  • A Masters degree or equivalent in journalism and/or science, and/or participation in journalism fellowships

  • Significant reporting experience

  • Experience working in more than one country

  • Experience moderating panels, and appearing on television and radio


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Quartz News Ltd.
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