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Political News Letter Writer (Voluntary) Job
Part time less than 30 hours
This is the ideal voluntary role for a person who is creative, committed and enthusiastic about writing. If you have an interest in the world of Politics, and a passion for journalism and are looking to gain experience then this is just the venture for you.

You would be assisting in the production of a four page, quarterly News Letter in reference to current news and events, and must have the ability to work independently, meet deadlines and take advisement.

Personal skills: - 
  • Detail-oriented with high standards of accuracy, relevance and consistency
  • Ability to blend creative and analytical skills
  • Great research, editing and proof reading abilities
  • Ability to see task through to completion

Excellent way to boost your CV, gain experience in the journalistic trade, and a foot in the door of political copy writing. An opportunity to showcase your talents and garner appreciation form your readers is waiting for YOU, all you have to do is apply.

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Employer Details:
Nightingale Removals & Storage Limited
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