This website is designed and maintained by This website is usable and accessible to all users and this page details some of the measures taken.

Our accessibility statement applies only to The policy does not apply to any other site, including Keyshock' client site however, every measure is taken to ensure that they conform where it is not explicitly stated as a requirement of the client brief.

This website is maintained using a content management system. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a common accessibility standard is reached, we cannot guarantee that every element will meet the minimum standard but we endeavour to continue the site's development to conform or to provide an alternative option for those with accessibility concerns.

Text size
The text on our website has been inserted using a non-fixed value, meaning that individual users can change the text size from their browser settings. Please refer to your browser help menu to learn how to make this adjustment.

All text links on our website are written so they make sense when read out of context and have a clear purpose in the navigation.

Alternative text
All images, where possible, on this site are accompanied by 'alternative text' which where appropriate, identifies an image or its function. Alternative text is especially useful in the following situations:
  • For users with low bandwidth connections who may choose not to load graphic
  • For users using handheld devices
  • For users with disabilities who require assistive technology, such as refreshable Braille displays or audio screen readers.